Someone once called my dog, Gus, my constant companion. Never was there a truer statement. I took him with me everywhere, but our favorite was our morning walk to the coffee shop... the coffee shop with the big windows and a place I could put him where I could see him at any given moment should someone befriend and then walk away with him (sound familiar?)

So one very nice October morning, after Gus and I picked up my coffee, we went to a park where he sunned and I sat and thought about what kind of lock I would want on a leash that would deter someone from taking my Gus - I wanted something that looked and worked like the snap-hook I and most other dog owners used every day, but locked. The result is the StaySafe Lock.

My first product, the StaySafe Locking Leash (coming soon), is dedicated to my Gus, and to all the dog owners out there who, like me, want to keep their companion with them constantly, and want them to stay safe.